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Joseph Karma And Fashion Are A 365 Days Relationship

You can tell a lot about someone based on an Instagram name but Joseph Karma really stands for the name ” Artismyabsolute”

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Joseph Karma took a chance with us and bought his ticket for our event called “Show Your Style”. The first few minutes after he came in, we could feel he was tensed and didn’t what to expect.

By the time we took care of him and brought him to the studio, the first flash started and so does the magic too.

As soon as Phil Gassant gave him the first pose, the fashion enthusiast got comfortable and delivered some of the best shots of the whole event.

Joseph Karma”s Style


Joseph is what we can call a distinguished gentleman. He has a natural elegance that sets him apart from his peers which makes his relation with fashion more authentic.

He plays with colours, add original layers and stays ahead of the curve. The scarf, the blazer and the tie we’re gathered together as if they always belonged to each other and this when you know you’re in front of a real fashionist!

As mentioned earlier, even though we kept pushing him outside of his comfort zone, Joseph Karma kept asking for more. He wanted the best result possible for this shoot and so do we.


We particularly loved the shots rights next the vintage car. For a second, you could really believe that the shot was took in the 30’s or 40’s and once again this demonstrates Joseph’s sense of style.

When we invite people for our events, we want them to go the extra mile to show the world what they’re about. Joseph Karma took the challenge and went back home with the crown on his head.

Joseph In His Own Word

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