Styledbypaul Back At It Again With The Paul Effect!

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Styledbypaul Back At It Again With The Paul Effect

Styledbypaul And The Legendary Paul Effect

Styledbypaul and Montrealgotstyle have a special relationship since day uno. She was the first everything to us, the first stylist we featured, a participant of our first Lookbook and one of our first supporters!

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Styledbypaul is a female stylist for man that made a lot of headlines throughout the year for her personal style and presence in the fashion industry. We wanted to bring some of our favourite fashionistas for our 2017 edition and we thought about her first.

Today we will see why her style is the reason why most men in the city should DEFINITELY take notes!

Styledbypaul’s Style

juskallmepaul montreal entertainment room full of mirrors style me stylebook lookbook

Cc: Yanissa Gp

Paul is a stylist we’ve seen grow and grow since her collaboration with us in 2015. Looking back to that time, we’re still shocked that she was surprised that she got invited to our first Lookbook.

In case you didn’t notice yet, Paul is a woman that can actually dress better that most of the men you know (facts!). She did it again with this incredible outfit that she created.

From the mix of patterns and colours, to the accessories that she brings to the table; Paul always find a way to turn a regular blazer into a masterpiece.

energy funny photoshoot montreal style fly styledbypaul

Cc: Yanissa Gp

Even though she  wears men clothes, Paul has a special eye for details that seems to reveal her femine and artistic side a little more.

This is definitely a stylist to watch because 2017 looks very promising for her. She’s been making headlines and affirming her status through the years and the fashion world now opens their arms wide open for this young creative.

If there is one thing we’ve learned from her is the fact that there is no limit to where your creativity can take you!

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