Damali Gordon And Her Diva’s Touch On Fashion

Upgrade Your Diva Status!

Damali Gordon: Sexyness & Style Reinvented

Damali Gordon is a frequent collaborator for Montrealgotstyle and this time around we wanted to showcase our secret weapon and amazing blogger for her fashion sense.

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As a guest for monthly project called “The Lookbook”, Damali Gordon definitely raised the bar high and affirmed her diva status like never before!

Damali Gordon is involed in many different aspects of fashion, from modeling, to blogging, slaying wherever she goes; you name it!

Even in her recent article 5 Ways to Wear Your Knits Like a Street Style Pro you could tell from the start that she doesn’t play when it comes to her outfits.

Damali Gordon’s Style

damali gordon blogger four brown girls model ebony

Cc: Yanissa Gp

Damali understands the power of blending different trends in order to create something unique and sexy. We love the way she took her jeans shirt and turned it into a dress. Needless to say that the long heels were the last touch to the masterpiece she created.

damali montreal mode chateau st-ambroise old school car

Cc: Rachelle Arthur

What we love about this fashionista is her incredible taste when it comes to creating her outfits. Confidence runs in her veins and the camera is only there the capture this. Her style is bold, sexy and classy which is a mix hard to obtain sometimes.

Working closely with her on our platform taught us two things about Damali : she’s an expert and details ALWAYS matter!

Damali In Her Own Words

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