Leah Lamarche On Why Having The Right Heels Can Change Everything!

Turning Heads Is Her Speciality!

Leah Lamarche : The Fashion Blogger You Need To Know About!

Leah Lamarche was an early supporter of our platform and we’ve finally met her through various projects we were involved in and especially the “Show Your Style” project.

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This lady has a natural aura that makes you want to know more about her and what she’s doing. One minute she’s on the runway, the next minute she designs for brands or she’s modeling in a photoshoot. She follows her passion for fashion on many different levels and it’s apparent in her style.

She came to our studio with one thing in mind : slaying! Simplicity at his best but she managed to implement the “Lamarche” effect to the whole outfit!

Leah Lamarche’s Style

model montreal montrealgotstyle lookbook

Cc: Rachelle Arthur


Your style has to represent who you are from the way you think to the way you feel,  if that’s the case we have to acknowledge that this fashionista is an expert. Leah seems like a woman who doesn’t need too much attention because she naturally stands out.

This ultimately reflects in her style because she rather go for simple outfits but still add that special touch with heels or accessories.

Whenever she’s around, she displays a confidence and a positive attitude that vibrates in the room and gives her that “je ne sais quoi”. Details matter once more because has she said in her interview, it’s all about the heels (of course).

leah lamarche model fashion style montrealgotstyle lookbook

Cc: Phil Gassant

This overall outfit represents her to the fullest, she enjoys sports, runways and arts so it’s only right that she puts together an outfit that is both classy and streetwear at the same time.

Heels can definitely change everything, especially when you have the “where did she got that from” type of heels on!

We hope to hear more from this young fashionista on the come up and what other valuable contribution she’ll bring to the fashion industry!

Leah In Her Own Words

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