Charlotte Violeta And The Art Of Blending Styles

From Blogger To Model Real Quick!

Charlotte Violeta Is Far From Your Average Fashion Blogger!

Charlotte Violeta is one of our early collaborators, she has written a lot of our content over the months and she has what we call THE eye for blogging.

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It was only right that we invite her to “Show your Style” to showcase her as a fashion enthusiast. Charlotte (or Char as we usually call her) is the living proof that you have to have some kind of taste or personal sense of style in order to be a good fashion blogger.

Charlotte doesn’t follow rules, Charlotte follows her instinct and this is what makes Charlotte a blogger to watch!

Charlotte Violeta’s Style

charlotte violetta

cC: Rachelle Arthur

Sometimes it’s hard to be behind the scenes all the time and then being comfortable in front of a camera. We always thought that it’s hard to be a fashion blogger and a model at the same time.

Miss Char prouved to us that you can be good at both and still do it effortlessly. As part of being a regular contributor for Montrealgotstyle, Charlotte Violeta is also a tastemaker and culture participant to watch.

When you blend a bomber jacket with a dress and manage to slay your photoshoot in just 15 minutes :  it increases your cool points by a thousand.

charlotte violeta writer sexy fashion photoshoot montreal woman

Cc: Rachelle Arthur

Most of all, we admire the fact that she’s bold, she’s not lost in what’s hot for the moment or who is wearing what; she just has a natural flair for those things.

It’s even more apparent in her work as a blogger and she’s been very supportive in our mission to bring you guys the best content ever!

Thank you Charlotte aka Char!

Charlotte In Her Own Words


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