Amadea Kezar On How To Stay Classy While Keeping A Dress To Kill Effect!

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Amadea Kezar With The “Urban Professional” Style Reinvented!

Amadea Kezar is a businesswoman we’ve met at our event called “Show your Style“. As a owner of her own physiotherapeutic clinic, it’s incredible that she still find time to be on point with what’s going on in the fashion in the fashion world.

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Amadea rocks what she calls the “Urban Professional” style. The whole idea behind it is to be comfortable, urban, on point fashion wise and still have a professional look all the time.

Judging by her incredible pictures, she’s definitely able to bring all those elements together.

Amadea Kezar’s Style

Cc: Phil Gassant

Cc: Phil Gassant

Amadea is one of those rare professionals and businesswoman who still pay attention to the way they dress not because they’re scared of what people think but because they still have a love for fashion.

Responsibilities, clients and the fact that the professional life often requires a certain way to act or dress. At times we forget how it felt to buy something that makes us stand and express our individuality.

model montrealgotstyle fashion shoot photography

Cc: Rachelle Arthur

Amadea Kezar doesn’t fall for that trap, businesswoman or not, she will let her impression felt with little details that make all the difference.

This businesswoman/fashionista knows that her fashion taste contributes a lot to her personal brand and that’s she makes the most out of every outfit she creates.

Details, details & details; we won’t say it enough! Miss Kezar  is quite familiar with this golden rule because if you peep the different elements of her outfit; you can tell that she went in for the kill.

The leather skirt combined with this phenomenal necklace brings life to what would’ve been a “regular day at the office” type of outfit.

Being a professional doesn’t mean you have to adopt a boring style or dumb down your sense of style, it only means that you have to work with the boundaries it imposes and reinvent yourself.

Thank you for the reminder Amadea!

Amadea In Her Own Words

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