Explore The Barber Life With Marley Aka @1empereur

The Barber Life Explained By Yours Truly!

Marley Or @1empereur Is Your Favourite Barber/Fashion Icon In The Digital World!

@1empereur is a major part of our online community because he was one of our early supporters! Marley is a barber and fashion enthusiast that uses his social media platforms to showcase is lifestyle, his passion for sneakers and his experience as a highly demanded barber!

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Marley dominates the digital world because he’s not scared to voice his opinions about what’s going in the world and what he believes in. His very versatile with his style and it’s always amazing to witness how easily he switches from streetwear to classy outfits.

His work as a barber doesn’t go unnoticed too. In his career  he has blessed some of the biggest names in the boxing world such as Adonis Stevenson & Jean Pascal

Marley is also well known in the sneaker community, a lot of his peers consider him what we usually call : “The Plug” when it comes to sneakers. If there’s a hot release coming, rest assured that they have 2-3 sizes left for you!

@1empereur’s Style

Whoever thought that “empereur” is a name he took just to brag probably never went to his intagram feed; he is definitely the “empereur” of sneakers and fashion. Marley has this “go with the flow” type of style in which he implements current trends and make them his own.

Sometimes we get caught up in what’s in style for the moment and we end up being a part of the million instead of expressing our individuality.

marley empereur rehul design @1empereur

Cc: Rachelle Arthur

Top by Majoy Limitited Edition

Marley doesn’t fall for that trap, he’s your favourite tatted-bearded-sneakerhead-guy and he’s fully aware of that. When it comes to sneakers, we have never someone so passionate about it.

The first he came to the lookbook, he brought what seemed to be a mountain of sneakers inside the studio (you had to be there)

marley rehul empereur @1empereur

Cc: Philippe Gassant

Have a look through his feed and dive into a world where sneakers, haircuts and dope outfits prevail! He also collaborates with several local brands so if you’re looking for hot brands to discover; once again he’s ” The Plug”!

Empereur In His Own Words

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