Marshall Dhain And The Importance Of Colours To Your Style!

Living Colours!

Marshall Dhain’s Style Reflects On How Colours Can Change The Way You Dress!

Marshall Dhain definitely left his mark at our previous edition of “The Lookbook“. This young fashion enthusiast from the southshore made sure he could raise the bar high and inspire others with his style.

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Marshall is more a casual type of guy, he doesn’t seek for the spotlight but his aura and his style commands curiosity. Sometimes we forget that fashion is not always about extravagant outfits, a ton of accessories and a “I’m so fly” attitude.

When base your taste on criterias like that you forget the power of the number rule in life, which we’ll explain with the following abbreviation K-I-S-S.

K-I-S-S=Keep It Simple Stupid

Marshall Dhain is definitely familiar with the term because he manages to create simple outfits while adding his touch of creativity to the mix.

Marshall Dhain’s Style

fashion blog montreali photoshoot green hat

Cc: Phil Gassant

Corduroy is a risky choice especially for a shirt but it definitely brought out the “green forest” in a beautiful way!

Marshall enhanced the outfit with a snapback to emphasize on the different colours like the green forest and the burgundy.

photoshoot editioral montreal photography

Cc: Phil Gassant

When you’re the casual type of guy, New Balances has somehow someway your favourite sneaker (even when you’re not aware yet). You could have a pair of sneakers with a simple design and still manage to make a statement; once again the power of colours is undeniable.

Regardless how you dress, a dose of confidence will always be the most efficient outfit you could wear. If you don’t believe, take a look back at Marshal’s pictures and understand how it’s supposed to be done.


Marshall In His Own Words

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