5 Pictures That Will Make @Community54 Your Next Shopping Destination In Toronto |STORE TOUR|

It’s All About Community!

5 Pictures That Will Make  Community54 Your Next Shopping Destination In Toronto  STORE TOUR

Community 54 Gave Us A View From The 6!

Community 54 Have you ever dreamed of a one stop shop when it comes to your fashion needs? A place where you can find either local brands and the «where you got that from» outfits? Community54 was definitely THAT place to me because they provide great products in terms of streetwear, shoes, accessories, exclusive brands, culture jammed merchandise and the place itself is a masterpiece in terms of interior design. From our last trip to Toronto, we had no choice to stop by the favourite place of your favourite artists such as Bun B, Asap Rocky , Action Bronson & many more!

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For all our fellow Montrealers that frequently do trips to the 6, we strongly recommend that place. Accessories, culture-jam exclusive pieces and local designers by the case load.

«Community 54 Is A place where art and fashion are united»

community 54 toronto daymon green

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com


«You don’t want to know what it stands for in Japanese» (check our store tour to find out)

designer brand canada toronto community asap rocky

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com

«The wall of fame you wish you could take back home» (they actually stole a Asap Rocky picture)

daymon green vintage frames marcus troy

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com

«Discover the best Canadian designers»

shoes canadian designer parkdale canada montreal

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com

«Art is life, life is art» (or is it food is life & life is food?)

food snax daymon atelier new regime parkdale the 6ix

Cc: www.montrealgotstyle.com

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