Montreal Will Open The First Daycare For Adults In Canada!

Believe It Or Not, It’s Actually Trendy!

Montreal Will Open The First Daycare For Adults In Canada

Reconnect With Your Inner Child In The First Daycare For Adults In Canada.

James Turner & his wife recently took a leap of faith with a concept totally outside of the box for Montrealers: a daycare for adults!

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The couple was already managing a home daycare for kids until they saw an opportunity in a recent report about preschool for grownups located in Brooklyn. From this initiative, IChild was born!

They wanted to keep the same approach but without being responsible for the kids’ safety or having to change diapers (I can definitely understand that).

This concept may seem new in Canada but has been widespread throughout Europe, the United States & even Australia.

What Is A Daycare For Adults?

This centre’s mission is to take you back to that moment in your life where you’ve tasted pure happiness. It’s a trip back to your childhood and an escape from your daily stress.

At IChild, they try to make the experience as authentic as possible so there are many elements of a typical daycare inside the centre.

james turner ichild daycare for adults childhood

Cc: Christine Muschi/Montreal Gazette

Elements like a pitball, mac’ n cheese, karaoke & home cooked meals are a part of the process and you get to live a full day through two programs of either “Art and Crafts” or “Exercice And Social Games“.

Of course the whole experience is done in private, no cellphones nor recording devices are allowed & the groups are limited to 10 people only.

Their daily schedule is up to six hours starting at 11 a.m. The program includes games, a 30-40 minutes nap (now we’re talking!) , a wide selection of toys and meals.

How Much It Costs?

Speaking to your inner child is priceless but at IChild it costs 80$ per day to enjoy the experience during the week and they charge 120$ on weekends. It opens from Thursday to Saturday and The daycare is located at 2210 Pie IX Boulevard.

For more information visit their website

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