3 Coats Like Canada Goose To Beat The Cold Without Going Bankrupt

3 Coats Like Canada Goose To Beat The Cold Without Going Bankrupt

Let’s Try Some New Shall We?!

Coats Like Canada Goose For The ”The Way My Account Is Setup…” Buyer!

To find coats like Canada Goose was actually a hard task but nothing stops a blogger with a passion (and a small budget). As you already know, the canadian brand of choice for winter coats has set the norm for winter coats for a quite a while now.

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It would be hard to deny this, Canada Goose has some of the best winter coats in terms of longevity, quality and not freezing yourself to death at the bus stop after the 4th bus never came.

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Cc: via imgur.com

With prices ranging from 750$ to 1500$, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the brand is now the Bentley of the genre and as the old saying says:

You Get What You Pay For!

While you may or may not be in this critical phase of the year where you ask yourself if you will survive another winter, I’m glad to announce that there are a few alternatives you might think of. Rather than saving for the Bentley, we might show you the Benzes or Beemas to step your winter coat game up (and save some bucks cause that’s why you clicked anyway!).

Here are 5 coats like Canada Goose you should seriously consider as an alternative.

cC: via Canada Goose

cC: via Canada Goose

Canada Goose Coat: Harrison Coat Black Label

Price: 995$

Get It Here : canadagoose.com


carhatt clash parka, parka for men, coats like canada goose, winter coats, winter coats for men

cC: via Carhatt

Coats Like Canada Goose: Carhatt Clash Parka

Price : 328$–627$ Off

Get It Here: carhatt.com

A parka is always a great choice to stay warm and fly during wintertime. For some of our readers who might be against wearing fur or for those who wish to stop reenacting a real-life version of the attack of the clones, this is your go-to winter coat.

Carhatt is for clothing what Timberland is for boots. A pure construction labor clothing line but we wear it anyway because guess what? It’s dope as dope can be.

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Cc: via Canada Goose

Canada Goose Coat:  Snow Mantra Parka

Price: 1,495$

Get It Here: Canadagoose.com


north face MCMURDO PARKA III, coats like canada goose, north face coat, winter coats, winter in montreal, fashion for the winter,

Cc: via North Face

Coats Like Canada Goose: North Face Mcmurdo Parka III

Price:  449.99$–1045$ Off

Get It Here: Northface.com

Nothing beats a classic like a….well another classic! Indeed, North Face is the Og when it comes to winter coats. Reliable, timeless and affordable.

The son of the son of your son will most likely find this piece still relevant. No matter the trends, fashion cycle or what’s hot for the moment, this brand has sure found a way to keep being the go-to brand in the streetwear community.

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Cc: via Canada Goose

Canada Goose Coat: Manteau Hybridge Lite

Price: 525$

Get It Here: Canadagoose.com

urban outfitters, karl kani, vintage streetwear, padded down puffer jacket, puffer jacket, streetwear jacket

Cc: via Urban Outfitters

Coats Like Canada Goose: Karl Kani Padded Down Puffer Jacket

Price: 289$–236$ Off

Get It Here: UrbanOutfitters.com

As much as the days change as much as they stay the same. The old thing is now the new thing, retro is now popping, I mean you get it. Karl Kani is the type of brand a millennial born in the 90’s can have mixed feelings for.

We were too young to understand that it was once THE thing but yet we’re too old to hype up its come back. Whether you know your streetwear history or not, it’s a no-brainer that the iconic vintage brand is back for more.

For our readers who like to get the most for their money, this coat is what a multifunctional winter coat should stand for. It’s reversible and you can also take out the sleeves.  When you live in a country where momma nature is switching from hot to cold faster than a icy hot patch on Shaquille O’Neal’s back; you have to be ready for anything (wasn’t it almost spring last week?!).

What Do You Think?

Before you even think about throwing rocks at us or state the obvious like ”those are not quality coats like Canada Goose”, thinking about a word that makes it all worth it : OPTIONS.

Beyond a brand, beyond the statement it reprensents to rock it, a tight budget and good taste can get you so far. Talking about good taste, what do you think about this selection of coats? Would you trade your Canada Goose for any of those coats?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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