A Couple Early 2000s Fashion Gems You Wish You Didn  8217 t Dump

A Couple Early 2000s Fashion Gems You Wish You Didn’t Dump

Let’s Go Back In Time, Shall We?!

The Early 2000s Fashion Gems Are Back!

What does the early 2000s fashion mean to you? What’s the first image that pops up in your mind when you think about your style? In my case, I remember a 10-year-old kid with a durag, a jersey and a plaster under my left eye (see what you did Nelly!).

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Sweet memories right?! I mean, the Year 2000 bug didn’t kill us all, 50 cent took us In Da Club before we knew about fake Ids or tequila. A dark period where Beyblades were our prehistoric notion of what fidget spinners are today.

Beyond that, we have this very meme-like impression of what the early 2000s fashion was about. Don’t get me wrong, the clothes were…special at times. Yes! They were BIG (in fact a regular fit for me today is what I used to wear as a kid).

The truth of the matter is, there are still great gems to get from the era of clones. An era where having a personal touch was the key to standout.

Colors were all over the place. From our jerseys, hats, kicks and so on. These days, most of us are unconsciously or too consciously minimalistic with our style.

Fashion comes and goes like the seasons. I’m not surprised to see the early 2000s fashion arise from the ”To Charity” boxes you kept in the basement like a time capsule for your grandkids to laugh at.

As much as things change, as much they stay the same. SPOILER ALERT: the baggies are 100% coming back.

But What About The Rocawear & Sean John, I’ve Just Got Rid Of?

Well..Even Spike Lee Knows You Did The Right Thing!


To add insult to injury, even a few things that were considered ”Not In” are now popping.

Today we will overview a couple early 2000s fashion gems you wish you didn’t dump (cause hey buying them back is a hard pill to swallow).

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#1 Anime Shirts

Believe it or not but they’re coming back stronger than ever. We saw a lookbook earlier this month and our jaw literally dropped on the floor when we found that they brought back the ”Yu-Gih-Oh! Master Player” shirt.

To try at your own risk.

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#2 Avirex Coats

Since clothes are often used to affirm your identity these types of coats used to be a statement and a weird stereotype at the same time. Avirex coats used to be the dope man’s favorite uniform.

In 4xl, multiple colors and the heavy leather. This was one of the rare occasions where you could actually buy your street cred. These days, the coats are back with a vengeance

Dig in your old stuff and bring it back to life.


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#3 Wallet Chains

Wallet chains became a thing when they were not actually tied to wallets right?! Bikers have been on that since the stone age but it took quite some time for the urban community to embrace it.

In the ‘‘Skulls Everywhere” and ”Ed Hardy Wasn’t Meant For Douchebags” days, it was the one accessory that brought us all together. Punks, Hip Hop heads, urban kids, we couldn’t get rid of it.

It never really went out of style when you think about it but now with tighter pants; it all makes sense.


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#4 Evisu Jeans

I have a love and hate relationship with these jeans. I loved them because after seeing them for the first time in the ”Baby If You Give It To Me” video by Busta Rhymes; I knew they had to be mine (like Mariah Carey too).

The hate part comes from the fact that as a 12-13 year old with no other stream of revenue than my single mom, a big fat NO settled my fashion dreams.

Regardless, I still have a vivid memory of me wearing them at local parties as a teenager and especially the blue spots we left various on walls all around Montreal.

Evisu Jeans are still relevant but I believe they will fade out like True Religion did.


#5 Racer Jackets

This one kinda caught us off guard. There’s one thing you have to understand in life, having many options is sometimes the worst option. Racer Jackets had at least a thousand versions of them (I mean..they even had Kellogs on this stuff).

Still a classic in all due respect. It might fade away again but like this crazy ex you’ve blocked or deleted on your social handles; it finds its way back to you!

What Do You Think?

Of course, there are plenty early 2000s fashion trends we didn’t cover because hey, even durags are having their time under the spotlight today (ask me why!). If you feel like there’s something you would like to add to the list please let us know in the comment section now!



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