Galerie 203 Releases A Portraits Series With The Most Iconic Artists Of Our Generation & You Need To See It

Galerie 203 Releases A Portraits Series With The Most Iconic Artists Of Our Generation   038  You Need To See It

Galerie 203 Is Bringing Back Culture To The Old Port

Is it just me or the word vernissage seems like a far cry to an old civilization these days? While most of us were worried about restaurants and activities not coming back, I was rolling in my bed about how the art world probably got it the worst when it comes to the pandemic and everything that came with it.

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For Corinne Asseraf and Sylvia Cohen the show must go on, and going on it WILL!

To kick off the city reopening their offering is something out of this world.

Almost Grand Prix-like but with that amazing twist that only good art can bring to the table.

Indeed, it’s a moment to celebrate not only being alive but all the different icons who brought beauty to our eyes and soul.

Names like Édith Piaf, Basquiat, David Bowie, Chanel, Sol, Charlebois, Twiggy, Jack Nicholson, Madonna and more are coming to life in front of our very eyes next week.

galerie 203

The portraits are blending different techniques, textures and creative direction. Overall, this vernissage is an ode to the greats.

galerie 203

A sort of reminder to better times and who helped shape them.

Located in the heart of the old port, Galerie 203 is gearing up to bring back the essence of what Montreal is truly about : good art

For more information about the upcoming exhibition, go check their Instagram page now!



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