MicroHabitat Mission To Create More Green Spaces Is Now Officially Expanding To Toronto And We’re All For It

MicroHabitat Mission To Create More Green Spaces Is Now Officially Expanding To Toronto And We  8217 re All For It

MicroHabitat Celebrates Its 5th Year By Growing In A Different City Because Why Not?!

Good ideas can change your life but great ideas can change the world and I feel like this is what MicroHabitat has been up to in the past few years. Seed by seed, I mean this literally!

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If you don’t know yet, MicroHabitat is a young company from Montreal which made it its mission to make the world a greener place.

You might ask how? Well the initial idea was to furnish office tours with green spaces filled with plants, vegetables and more to bring a heavenly feel to what usually consist of fog and windows.


Alexandre Ferrari-Roy et Orlane Panet initially focused on rooftops and then evolved to doing more and more of those spaces in local businesses.


Additionally to their initiative, they have solid partnerships in the agriculture world which allow them to help those in needs with resources thanks to their partners’ crops

This 5 year in the making dream is now blossoming in a new hub that would definitely need their input : Toronto.


If you’ve ever been in the city of the Maple Leafs, you know green sites are not what the city is about really.

Adding 15 sites, MicroHabitat is set to give Toronto the same treatment and eco-friendly approach by enhancing urban areas with what nature offers best.

Can’t wait to see where the adventure takes the young entrepreneurs but in the meantime we salute this project and wish much more success in the future.

For more about MicroHabitat, visit their Instagram page now!



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