Olivier Benloulou Introduces Us To Luxury Cars & Racing In ”Rapide & Millionaire”

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Olivier Benloulou & Z Télé Give Us A Taste Of The Millionaire Life

Olivier Benloulou is our Quebec’s version of the cool entrepreneur. Building his fortune initially from the fitness business, the millionaire now enjoys the fruit of his labor on his true passions: race cars and being a baddass!

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When you’ve been working hard for the last 30 years, the last thing on your bucket list is to have your own tv show right?! Olivier Benloulou is a part of a show called ”Rapide & Millionaire” which is now entering its second season.

olivier benloulou, rapide et dangereux 2 saison 2

Larry Lulay’s Ducati Diavel at Coast 2

The show evolves around the lifestyle of a couple millionaires from the province who share the same passion for racing. At certain moments of the show, they also open up about what it took for them to get to this position.

You see them customize cars, living their best life and most importantly racing like the real life Paul Walls & Vin Diesels.

Olivier Benloulou and his friends take us behind the scene in huge racing festivals such as Texas 2k which is a worldwide competition. In the show, you have an open window to his lavish lifestyle, life philosophy and a close up look to THE most impressive luxury car fleet ever seen (at least for me).

The episodes airs in Quebec  in french but this show is also available in English on Amazon or their website roadkings.com.

Not only you have an exclusive access to the minds of the most successful entrepreneurs in the province but you get the ”I wanna live like that” and ”Goals” every two scenes.

Reality Tv like never seen before in Canada. The season started last week (September 3rd). The show airs every monday at 9pm on Z Télé.



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