This Light Therapy Lamp Will Bring Help You Sleep Like A Baby This Winter

Come To The Light!

This Light Therapy Lamp Will Bring Help You Sleep Like A Baby This Winter

A Light Therapy Lamp To Bring The Sunlight Back In Your Life

It’s that time of the year where everything gets dark, your mood is shifting, sleep becomes rare like Mr. Clean with hair meanwhile going outside is becoming an epic journey and little do you know, a light therapy lamp could fix ALL of it.

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Insomnia is at an all time high during winter time and it’s been scientifically proven that our body reacts to the fact that the sun is out earlier than usual.

Centre Helight is been really ahead of the curve about educating Montrealers on how light affects their day to day.

I remember going to their location for a session and feeling highly skeptical about how a simple light could relax my stressed out self.

5 minutes in, I was convince! Not only convinced, I made sure I tried all their different protocols and came out of it a changed man (right until I got caught in a huge traffic and there goes crazy me again).

When they sent me a package pretty much explaining that they were able to provide a similar technology that you can try in the comfort of your home. I was sold!


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Indeed, this portable device is slick, portable, easy to use and most of all , replaces the sunlight when it gets dark outside.

It helps you relax and slowly but surely fall into sleep.

It shuts down by himself after a certain time and it doesn’t blind nor make background sound which might interfere with your sleep.


I’ve been using it for a week straight and thanks to it, I was able to get back some of the lost hours that this platform stole from me some years back.

Not to get too technical but the technology behind this device is based off Nasa’s researches on the astronauts’ sleep patterns and the level of wavelength used in the device is closed or almost identical with the sun.

Here’s A Little Video We Did About How It Made Us Feel

The device retails for 119$ CAD and if they have a money back guarantee if somehow it doesn’t work for you. Additionally if you use our code ”GOSTYLE” you get free shipping on your order until December 15th.

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