Franky Selector’s New Album Is A Cruise Through California In The Comfort Of Your Home

Franky Selector  8217 s New Album Is A Cruise Through California In The Comfort Of Your Home

Franky Selector Is Taking Us On A Musical Trip With Never Better

Releasing music in the middle of a world pandemic sounds challenging to say the least but artists like Franky Selector have what I call the ”Urge”. It’s a feeling, a little voice in your head that sometimes yell and sometimes whisper stuff like : ”Go head and CREATE you idiot!”(at least mine says that all the time).

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I call myself a connoisseur when it comes to music but I’ll admit that my ear has had serious misses throughout the years.

Partly because nowadays there’s a sea of music flooding the market or partly because the idea of me sitting somewhere to enjoy some music sounds like a vague souvenir.

Nevertheless I’ve stumbled upon Franky Selector’s music by mere happenstance.

As little background story, Franky Selector is a singer, producer and musician who grew up both in Montreal and the US. He has played multiple time at the Jazz Festival, produced for TV shows and movies and worked with legends along the way.

At first, I was confused as to what to expect from the guy.

Beyond the music, we wanted to know who Franky is, what inspires him and how does someone stay excited about music for this long. As usual, when I have some questions, I just simply ask the person:

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From the very first note I’ve heard, I knew one thing’s for sure, the sound was sonically what being from Montreal is about.

What I mean is that Franky’s music is a perfect blend between various styles and genres.

he does seamlessly a little bit like the way an Indian man goes to get some Vietnamese food while speaking creole to his Latina girlfriend, the real Montreal way.

Sometimes it also reminds of a long ride across California, as the funk blasts through the speaker.

This is the appeal of this new album to me. ”Never Better” is not the ”poppy” or the ”let’s get my streams up” type of album.

It’s a concise body of work meant for music lovers who like layers and palettes to their music.

The ones who are not afraid to experiment and see how a bunch of small things can be one big thing.

Here’s a snippet of the album:

My personal favorite is by far ”Before I See you Again’.  Out of the project, that one track balances good melodies, a good vocal performance and a slick but effective songwriting process.

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