Dating In The Quarantine Made Easy Thanks To This New Dating App

Dating In The Quarantine Made Easy Thanks To This New Dating App

A New Dating App To Feel Connected Again

At times like these, it seems like a lot of us have this urge to feel more connected to another, to communicate with each, express ourselves and of course the immature me would say that we kinda sorta all want to FUCK.

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I hate to break it down to you so often but times have changed.

We don’t shake hands no more, you want to run for your life if somebody sneezes next to you and trips to the grocery stores are now the equivalent of a day at Jurassic Park.

What hurts the most is the dating scene. The lack of proximity and you know deep inside that if she’s not into you she won’t risk fighting the Corona to see you.

To be honest, the first time I saw a Zoom date that’s when the apocalypse conspiracy theories started to make sense to me.

If dating was already complicated in the quote unquote normal world; a world pandemic could only make it worse .

Entrepreneurship is all about key moments like these. We all see a problem but there’s somebody, somewhere who see it from angle and eventually find the solution for it (and become very rich too).

Melanie Trudel is that somebody I’m talking about.

Making a dating app is not an innovation

Giving people a platform where they can communicate through the app safely and connect is what makes the difference.

Indeed, the GoseeYou app was born in 2018 but due to the pandemic they’ve decided to step it up a notch with their new platform called Olé.

You get to discuss and exchange via text, audio or video with a multitude of single people, couples who are into swinging and various users across the app.

Their plan is to accelerate the process, break the taboos and let people connect with likeminded people safely.

Instead of giving away your personal information like a telephone number etc; you get to interact with a matching partner and automatically be able to video call or text through the app.

It’s your own little world.

You get to keep your partners in your contact list and explore more matching opportunities.

It’s like having a social club inside your palm.

It offers 15 days for free and then you can choose between their different plans.

So if you’re looking for adventure, excitement, a mature clientele (30+) AND stay safe. You should give GoseeYou a try.




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