Jack Saloon Dix30 Takes Us On A Food Therapy With Its New Menu & Decor

Jack Saloon Dix30 Takes Us On A Food Therapy With Its New Menu   038  Decor

Jack Saloon Dix30 Ahead Of Its Time Even In Scary Times

This Covid thing is a lot crazier than we expected huh? It pretty much affected every part of our routines and overall lives and beyond that, it took from us every little thing we thought was normal.

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Some people cried, some people freaked out and some…A-D-A-P-T-E-D.

Even though the restaurant industry has been hit the most, I had this weird feeling and anticipation about some of my favorite restaurants surviving the pandemic, namely Jack Saloon Dix30 for example.

Not only they made it this far but they’ve literally reinvented themselves. Celebrating their 7th anniversary in middle of a world crisis must be very challenging but one thing’s for sure, the good people at Jack Saloon will get their rock on regardless.

Nina Simone famously sang : ”It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me!” and Jack Saloon Dix30 definitely took the lyrics to heart. If you recall, she also ends the hook with ”And I’m feeling good!”.

jack saloon dix30

cC: Jack Saloon Dix30

jack saloon dix30

Cc: Jack Saloon

You can expect a lot feeling good moments with what they got in store on their menu and new cocktail selection.

jack saloon dix30

Cc: Jack Saloon

jack saloon dix30

Cc: Jack Dix30

Following the guidelines of health officials, their new and improved decor is optimized to make sure you can satisfy your pallet safely.


The celebration is taking place September 24th and if you want to take your family or loved ones for a treat, head down to the south shore, in Brossard, at Quartier Dix30 to be exact and you’ll find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Jack Saloon Dix30

9395 Leduc Boulevard,


QC J4Y 0A5






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