3 Questions With The Country Music Icon Brett Kissel

3 Questions With The Country Music Icon Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel: Born To Do Country

As you’re reading you’ve probably heard of the Expo Grandiose which gathers all your favorite

country artists but thanks to Felipe Del Pozo we were able to get an interview with one of the biggest star of the festival’s lineup: Brett Kissel

About Brett Kissel

The first thing you need to know about is that he grew in the rural area of Alberta and discovered himself as an artist at the tender age of 12 years.

Releasing a couple of independent projects and drawing inspiration from legends like Johnny Cash.

The Canadian icon was about to get his moment a little in life and ironically it was his track ”It Started With A Song” that gave him the spot light.

He wont to takeover the billboard charts and become a superstar and it all started with a passion for the art form.

We wanted to know more about the singer who now resides in Nashville Tennessee.

We’ve asked three questions that focuses around his career, inspiration and what to expect from him in a near future

MGS: Do you think a country artist today can be considered authentic without the traditional imagary of the genre  (I.e the hats, the boots etc).

Brett: “Country music has always been more about ‘the story’ then it is about the imagery of ‘cowboys’ ‘western’ and ‘rural’.  If you look back to the days of Johnny Cash, he never wore a cowboy hat.  He was ‘The Man in Black’.  A stoic patriot.  A wonderful character.  The epitome of ‘country music’, an incredible story teller, yet, nothing close to a ‘rodeo cowboy’.  In my case, I am a ranch kid from Northern Alberta.  I grew up on a farm.  We have cattle.  We are active ranchers.  So the ‘cowboy’ persona is in my blood.  But that doesn’t make me any more or any less authentic than a country singer who wears a ball cap and a t-shirt.  So can a country artist today be considered authentic without the traditional ‘attire’?  My answer is: ABSOLUTELY.”

MGS: How was it for you to move from Alberta to Nashville and did it had an impact on your artistry?

Brett: “The move from Alberta to Nashville was extremely fun, extremely exciting, but extremely difficult.  I love Canada, and I loved my home in Alberta – but I knew that I had to go to Nashville to further pursue my career.  There has been a significant impact on my career because I’ve been living in Nashville.  For the most part it’s the creativity I’m surrounded by every day – in every way.  Being with like-minded people is so valuable, and it inspires me to be the best.  I’ve always thought about it this way:  If I was in the oil business, I have to be in Alberta or Texas.  If I wanted to be an actor, I better get to Hollywood.  If I want to be in country music, I better get myself down to Nashville.  And that’s what I did…”

MGS: Before signing your major record deal, have you ever thought about giving up? What kept you going?

Brett: “Honestly no.  Sure, there’s been doubt and challenges along the way, but I have never thought of giving up — ever.  I am very goal oriented, and I’ve been very fortunate to accomplish a lot of things I’ve put my mind to.  So no matter what, I was going to make it (to some degree) in country music, even if it remained a local and regional career.  In my business, hard work pays off, and I’ll continue to work hard to reach new heights.  That’s just the kind of guy I am.”

Catch him this afternoon at Expo Grandiose along with multiple of your favorite country artists!



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