Phil Vidican And The Power Of Staying True To Yourself

The Vidican Effect!

Phil Vidican : Your Favourite Stylist’s Favourite Stylist!

Phil Vidican is a stylist from Montreal with a deep connection on what’s going on in the culture. Phil is very opinionated and he’s never scared to say how he feels about hot topics.

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We look up to Phil Vidican as an expert when it comes to fashion, trends, what’s out of style and whatever evolves around fashion. We’ve invited this fashion icon to our event called “Show your Style” because we knew deep in our heart that he would deliver like he always do!

Phil is involved in multiple aspects of the fashion industry and today we have the honour to dissect the stylist’s style for you!

Phil Vidican’s Style

phil bapestas sneakhead montreal shoes

Cc; Phil Gassant

Once again we have to salute Phil’s ability to stand out and think outside the box when it comes to what he wears. Overalls are a risky choice when you don’t know what you’re doing with them but Mr. Vidican is a wise risk taker as you could see.

One thing that distinct him from most fashion enthusiasts, is his overall knowledge about brands, trends and where they come from. During his session, he taught us how to detect fake bapestas based on little details on the sole and colour patterns. He also revealed to us that these are things that even celebrities are not aware of.

phil vidican bapestas quebec fashion montrealgotstyle streetwear nike

Cc: Phil Gassant

In Phil’s world, everything is planned and well orchestrated when he puts together an outfit. He plays with patterns, textures, layers mixes trends, uses accessories to his advantage and he comes out with something unique and tasteful.

People have a particular stereotype that they impose upon shoes and clothes collections. People believe that they only follow the hype and they imitate rather than create. Phil Vidican doesn’t fall for that trap because he remains true to himself.

His eye for fashion helps him connect the dots, innovate and still be a leader when it comes to styling.

We strongly recommend ya’ll to get familiar with his work since Phil has influenced many young fashion heads through his career and who knows : you might be next!

Phil In His Own Words

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