Monia On How Couples Who Slay Together Stay Together!

Love Is The Key!

Monia And The “Monia” Effect!

Monia’s fuel in life seems to be one and only one thing : L-O-V-E. When it comes to our studio sessions, we’ve captured many different moments but nothing can compete with her sessions with her boyfriend that we had to pleasure to shoot for them!

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The couples went on and express their mutual affection and believe us when we say this: for a quick moment it felt like they were the only ones in the room.

Monia is a confident woman, passionate, funny and risk taker when it comes to her style. Definitely a genuine soul and a fantastic businesswoman!

Monia’s Style

monia abton gladki montreal couple fashion entertainment

Cc: Philippe Gassant

This fashionista will take you back in time and still manage to make you feel like she’s ahead of her time when it comes to trends. A mix of “Mad Men” advertisers style and a skater girl as she would say!

We believe that every fashion oriented people goes through the same battle everyday. We have to blend so many different influences and what represents our lifestyle to the mix when we dress but people like Monia don’t compromise for nothing.

Cc: Philippe Gassant

Cc: Philippe Gassant

People like her  manage to look professional and still boss up in the office with Chuck Taylors on.

There’s nothing more precious than love and one thing that makes a difference in a relationship is when you and your partner are on the same page for important matters.

When you and your boyfriend come through and steal the show effortlessly, then we can say this with no hesitation:  “couples who slay together, stay together!”.


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