Unleash The Sex Symbol In You With Hillynne Baptiste

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Hillynne Baptiste : A Model Or A Sex Symbol?

Hillynne Baptiste is a young aspiring model that wanted to showcase her talent through our event called “Show Your Style”. She warned us that the temperature would rise as soon she walks; she was right!

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Miss Baptiste has the look, a sensual mix of elegance & sexiness without being too much. Simple, elegant and mysterious are the first things that come to your when you cross her path.

Today, we’ll finaly understand what Nelly meant when he said “it’s getting hot in here” a while ago

Hillynne Baptiste’s Style

hllynie baptiste model montrealgotstyle style fashion

Cc: Philippe Gassant

Miss Baptiste gave us an amazing session in which either her personal style and skills as a model were put on the forefront. She made 15 minutes look like a lifetime because of the energy she brought (for real).

We love her charisma and her unapologetic boldness. Since it was the end of the event, every member from the staff kept staring while she showed us why she’s the bomb.

Long leather boots have been a taboo for women for a whole, it’s weird how such a nice design could be stereotyped the way it was but this how the world turns.

Regardless of public opinion, Hillynne Baptiste gave a new meaning to the boots and clearly catches your attention from the get go.

hillynne baptiste mode montrealgotstyle

Cc: Philippe Gassant

She doesn’t need to do much, she just needs to be there and once you stare at her eyes, it’s inevitable, you’re hooked. That’s the power of a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and confidence.

We personally believe that whatever she wears, she’ll give you a thousand reasons not scroll down because bold women always do!

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