Jonathan Deshommes Will Teach You The Power Of Simplicity And Functionality

Being Comfortable Is What Matters!

Jonathan Deshommes And The Casual Effect!

Jonathan Deshommes is definitely a part of the Montrealgotstyle’s online community! He told us that he was one of our early supporters when we strictly focused on shoutouts at the time (it’s been a while!).

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This fashion enthusiast took a leap of faith and came to our studios in St-Henry for his very first experience in a professional shoot. He was tensed at first but you could tell from the get go that this man was born to be in front of the camera!



Cc: Phil Gassant

In his day to day life, Jonathan seems like a man who just follows his heart and passion regardless. A suave attitude and a warm spirit is what characterize him the first you will meet him.

jonathan deshommes montreal designer montreal model

Cc: Phil Gassant

Far from an attention seeker and this reflects a lot in his style. Jonathan likes to make a good impression but he doesn’t need to be all over the place. By keeping that in mind, he manages to put together outfits that make him standout without the “too much going on” effect.

narcity montreal

Cc: Phil Gassant

We’re looking forward to work with him again, I think he had a great time during his shoot and so do us. We love meeting people that appreciate our work and that are amazing souls!

Jonathan In His Own Words


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