Gladimir Francois On How To Activate The Beast Mode & Your Style At The Same Time!

Beast Mode Status : On!

Gladimir Francois Is On Beast Mode On And Off The Gym!

Gladimir Francois is a fitness athlete we discovered recently. As part of our initiative to involve the new generation in our content, we invited this young athlete for our event called “Show your Style”.

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Gladimir Aka Mr. Gladiator (when God blesses you with the right name right!?) eats, sleeps and breaths fashion and fitness. He’s constantly on the look out to see what’s going on in those 2 fields and how he can create his own identity.

The correlation between your lifestyle and your style has to be apparent in every single way and Gladimir Francois is definitely familiar with that rule. He blends streetwear clothes with fitness apparels.

When he told us that this is the direction he wanted to take for the photoshoot, we were skeptical at first but then again, a gladiator never disappoints.

Gladimir Francois’s Style

montreal coach sport fit dance

Cc: Philippe Gassant

Mr. Gladiator came to our photoshoot with the “gym rat” style and his personal touch to it. There’s a thin line between being a douche bag and confident these days.

It seems like being a fan of fitness automatically classify you as a douchebag but regardless the sessions we had with Gladimir Francois can testify that his confidence is genuine with no sign of arrogance.

gladimir francois fitness coach model fashion econo-fitness montrealgotstyle

Cc: Phil Gassant

We wanted to see how when a man his comfortable in his own skin and how fitness guys can actually rock their style on and off the gym.

Of course for wearing this type of apparel you have to be bold enough to deal with the fact that both sides of your body are exposed.

With trolls all over the internet waiting for a good body shaming session, these days it takes an enormous amount of confidence to be able to tell the world : “Hey! I’m proud of my body and my style too”.

Your typical gym clothes will never look the same thanks to the Gladiator!

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