Jayfromlk And The New Wave Of Fashionists In Montreal

Young, Fly & Reckless!

Jayfromlk And The New Urban Youth Of Montreal

Jayfromlk is a young fashion enthusiast that has followed our journey throughout the years and showed love and support whenever he saw our content. We were more than happy to invite for this session and let the younger generation shine in the process.

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If you were born around 1995 and up, you’re a part of a misunderstood generation. You’re too young to relate to certain things and values but everything you is retro.

It seems like the younger generation seems to be more attracted to vintage clothing than those who actually rocked those clothes at one point of their life. Jayfromlk, even though is only barely 18 years old, is a part of this new era and he represents it well.

His style can definitely take you back in time and even though he might not be aware where all of those trends came from, we can tell that he rocks them proudly!

Jayfromlk’s Style

model fashion photoshoot montrealgotstyle

Cc: Yanissa Gp

Even though our staff is aged between 24 and 26 years old for the most part, we feel like there’s still a separation between our generation and his generation.

Who would of thought that Tommy Hilfiger would be talked about as if it JUST came out. Jayfromlk main idea for his outfit was to bring back 90’s inspired apparels and accessories.

From his “Cherry Red” Jordan 12’s to his Tommy Hilfiger bag, everything was made to matched and make a statement with it!

He still incorporated many features from what’s going in fashion today like ripped jeans and a printed t-shirt of his favourite artist.

GRILLZ culture montreal hip hop tommy hilfiger

Cc: Yanissa Gp

When Jayfromlk took the grills out, we knew it was game over! When we asked him about why he decided to get some grills done, he simply replied that he enjoys the fact that it makes him stand out and  the fact that for him it represents a rebellious statement.

Seeing this young man walking around and showing love to fashion items or statements that are from a different time and age made us reconsider why people go so hard on the generation x.y.z

If 20 years from now a teenager or a young adult would rock the same stuff that we used to wear, we should all show love regardless if the person doesn’t know exactly where it came from.

This just testify that your generation’s impact on fashion was so strong that it lasted for decades.

Thank you Jayfromlk for this priceless lesson!

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