Teen Hearts Is The Brand You Need For Your Next Rockstar Fit

Their ”Dead Inside” Collection Is The Sh*t!

Teen Hearts Is The Brand You Need For Your Next Rockstar Fit

Teen Hearts: A Clothing Line In Which Colors Are Celebrated

Teen Hearts is a brand we’ve discovered recently and one thing is for sure, they have aesthetics and design that makes you stop when you’re on a scrolling spree on Instagram. A blend of punk rock, pop culture and a powerful visual experience.

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Outside the box, provocative and colorful, just how we like it. The brand has graphic tees and all the various accessories that come with such as socks, backpacks and phone cases. We even saw some unicorn earbuds (because why not right?!).

Teen Hearts just as the name would suppose is really in tune with the youth culture. Messages like ”Dead Inside”, ”Believe In Nothing” and a lot of imagery around aliens might not be your forte but it’s obvious they make clothes for people outside the box.

Today, we will show you some pieces from their man collection that really stood out and are MUST cop actually.


Like we said earlier, the message is straight to the point right?



They got tie-dye t-shirts for every taste. Instead of rocking your usual ”Iron Maiden” piece and look crazy when they figure out you don’t even know one of their songs, you have this. More personified, rebel and unique.


Yeah, they got dope stickers too!



Overall, their pieces are really affordable and worth every penny. If you really want to get on your rockstar tip, their the go-to brand.

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