Go Back To The Roots In Style With This New African Streetwear Brand

Wakanda Is Now In Montreal!

Go Back To The Roots In Style With This New African Streetwear Brand

African Streetwear Might Be The Next Big Thing 

With movies like Black Panther, most of us felt reconnected to the roots and now we pay attention to subculture movements such as African streetwear. I’ve had my fair share of Dashikis in my life but I always wanted to know what would happen if we mixed traditional clothes/trends with streetwear.

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I’ve seen a lot of different brands trying to get there but nothing really impressed up to this point. Fast forward 2 years ago, I’ve found one of the rare brands that seem to know get how to blend things and guess what? They’re from Montreal!

Indeed, Checkmate Apparel is a brand with a ”For Us By Us” mindset. It’s a collective of the African diaspora creating pieces inspired by the Motherland but adapted to fashion trends in North America. 

Bomber jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, dad hats, snapbacks but with a twist. A powerful message about pride, unity and standing out. I’ve noticed how they were in touch with what’s going on when they’ve released their ”African”  snapback with the 40 Oz Van signature style at the time.

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This hat is actually one of our favorite pieces along with their reversible Zebra print bomber (a must cop actually). Even though the products look high quality, their collection is surprisingly affordable with a price range going from 19 to 129$.


Did I say this bomber is reversible? One honorable mention to add is that both sides of the jacket are fire! They’ve also released a ”Pray For Everyone” dad hat in regards to the shootings that happened in France a couple years ago.

What’s better than an African streetwear brand that gives us cultural cues through clothing? Rhetorical question obviously!

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