Here is What The Mcgregor And Floyd Fight Should Teach Us About Life

#2 Will Shock You!

Here is What The Mcgregor And Floyd Fight Should Teach Us About Life

McGregor And Floyd, David And Goliath, Audacity And Strategy!

The McGregor And Floyd fight was a 10 rounds of life lessons happening in front of our eyes but we didn’t know it yet ( and the last round was probably the reason why)

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It was the first time ever that an MMA fighter was going against a boxer. Beyond that, the fight and promo run had key moments that made us reflect a lot about life and success.

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Saturday August 26th, the whole world was watching what could’ve been hypothetically the first loss for Floyd Mayweather but history repeated itself once again.

Mayweather won by TKO and as expected the world is making sure that Pretty Boy takes back home McGregor’s pride along with the belt.

I can already feel the tomatoes sliding down my skin for saying this but my question to you is this: “What if Conor McGregor was also a big winner although he lost the fight?!”

We’re not going to get in details on the technical side of the fight but more on the mindset and lessons we can get from it.

Today we will overview all the hidden life lessons that the McGregor and Floyd has thought us (besides the fact that we all secretly want to cash out too)

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 1. It Takes Confidence & Guts To Get What You Want

We said it earlier, Conor McGregor has a big mouth but he knows how to use it. He understands that this big mouth of his was the best asset he had especially when a camera was around.

McGregor used the media to his best advantage knowing that Floyd usually gets things into motion when the media questions his ability to fight.

Even though the idea seemed ridiculous and impossible, McGregor kept the public’s eye into one subject: can an MMA fighter beats a professional boxer?

MMA fighters have been looked down on for years but now with this little gate that McGregor and Floyd opened, I bet you we will see more and more of this in a near future!

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2. Mayweather Fighting Style Is A Metaphor About Strategy And Self Control

Floyd has been called out many times because of his fighting style. Due to the violent nature of the sport, we expect boxers to do knock outs all the time and be ferocious on the ring (not Tyson ferocious though).

I always thought that Mayweather‘s approach to boxing was as psychological than technical. Getting your opponent upset because you can’t be touch while still making technical points after each of his attempts is actually a strategy that paid off for his whole career.

Having him running around the whole ring trying to knock you out because this will mean the world to his career.

All of this goes back to emotions and self control. This is a reminder to never let life situations (in this case a fighter making another hit on his bucket list) get the best out of you.

You will never fulfill anything by being angry or not trying to think it over before acting. When you let emotions take control, McGregor‘s confused face at the last round is the only result you will get.


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3. Those Who Win The War Don’t Always Write History After

Legacy wise, this fight has different meanings for both McGregor and Floyd. For Floyd it’s the perfect sheet a fighter could dream of but for McGregor it means something you would of never thought of.

Conor McGregor didn’t prove he was the best fighter at all but he proved that the he could be the best ambassador for the MMA as a sport.

He didn’t prove that all his trash talks are more trash talks but he proved that he could be one of the most entertaining fighter of his era.

For Floyd’s it’s the end of a flawless career but for McGregor it’s the beginning of something bigger than being an  MMA fighter.

Ps: he also proved that branding and marketing is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g too!

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