This Book About Tesla Motors Made Me Want To Throw Away My Car Keys And Start Over

That’s the future right here!

This Book About Tesla Motors Made Me Want To Throw Away My Car Keys And Start Over

The Tesla Motors: Deeper Than A Car

Maybe because I’m in the process of getting rid of my old Chevrolet Cobalt whose been collecting flats and rust for the past few years but Tesla Motors cars always sparked my interest.

The simple yet futuristic designs, the fact that they’re good for the environment and yes the price point comes to my mind often too.

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I’ve recently received a book called ”La Révolution Tesla” by the author and journalist Hamish Mckenzie . Not only I’ve learned so much about Elon Musk, as a man, a business and revolutionary but I’ve began to reconsider a lot of things about how we treat the environment as humans.

I’m not going to spoil it out for you, dear readers because this book is indeed a gem when it comes to what you can find in it (there are a lot of those believe me).

Today we’re doing something different and we break this down into 4 parts. 1st, what you need to know about the book? 2nd, what are the strong points discussed in it? 3rd what’s my overall opinion about the book and my biggest takeaways.

What You Need To Know?

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308 pages

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The french version of the book is called ”La Révolution Tesla: comment Elon Musk nous fait prendre le virage électrique” and it’s a translation of its English title called ” Insane Mode”. Written by Hamish Mckenzie, the book takes us at the front row of what is now described as a revolution sparked by Tesla Motors.

Mr. Mckenzie is a journalist who has worked on this subject matter multiple times before writing the book and was actually a former employee at Tesla Motors (now known as Tesla Inc).

It explains how fossils are becoming a thing of the past while electricity and durable energy are slowly but surely taking over. Retracing Elon Musk and Tesla’s journey to fruition.

The book leans into being a biography of the CEO at times , other times it’s an essay about how times would change for the better we followed Musk’ approach.

Sometimes it’s also what you expect from a business book: numbers, specific terms and concepts that explain the ups and downs of a company.

It’s also takes the reader on a trip down memory lane to very first attempts of building an electric car and how it became a reality ultimately.

Most of all, the book explains how companies who rather operate with fossil energy are now on the verge of converting to cleaner forms of energy and that little did they know, Tesla had a lot to do with.

What Are The Strong Points?

Hamish Mckenzie‘s transparency is something I’ve appreciated from the first pages.

He tells the reader two things right away : he’s clearly for the rise of durable energy and he was a former Tesla employee.

This said, you have an inside view of Tesla’s journey that you would never get anywhere else.

It uncovers all the myths and misconceptions about the electric car and it feels great to have an objective point of view for once.

Maybe You would expect this author to be bias because of his convictions but it was quite the contrary.

He presents you the facts so you can compare and think for yourself.

He debunks all the taboos and preconceived ideas that we may have about the electric car.

He lets the reader make his own conclusion by at least providing the stats and metrics necessary.

The author also does an amazing job at going back in time and explain how the electric car has evolved ever since Thomas Edison & Henry Ford tried to build one.

We also have a realistic portrait of the quite often enigmatic Elon Musk.

You will get glimpses of his early background.

The book makes you realize that even though he made a lot of his as an internet mogul.

You realize that environmental maters were always the center of his attention and he predicted his own future and possibly the future of the world.

What’s special about this book is how the author is able to give the reader an inside view of the automobile industry.

You see the good, the bad, the ugly and the completely over the top.

Finally, the book explains how the world will eventually have no choice but to turn into alternatives that focus on clean energy and Tesla is definitely on the forefront of this revolution.

What I Think About The Book

I don’t consider myself to be a car guy at all. You don’t really have to be one to enjoy the book, I think that’s the brilliance of it.

Somehow the author was able to not necessarily make it about the car but more about the philosophy that went into creating it.

Since I was always intrigued by Elon Musk. The book opened my eyes as to why people often consider him in the same lane as the giants like Bill Gates & Steve Jobs.

I’ve enjoyed the naked truth presented about how it was hard for Tesla to really established itself.

I like success stories yes but I rather have the whole package and this is what the author offers.

Details in the forms of dialog, stats, direct quotes and at times Hamish Mckenzie tries his best to put himself in Musk’s shoes (which nobody can really).

I left this book shocked about how the petrol giants are actually doing their best to slow down this threat to their industry.

It made me feel like everything I thought I knew about the company, electric cars and even climate change were false.

If you like to play the pros and cons game, the author paints a realistic picture of the past and what to expect now and in a near future.

It made me feel like I wasn’t informed enough and his insider’s perspective brought to light many things.

I’ve always been fascinated by disruptions and that’s what you get by Hamish Mckenzie.

It was well written and he was able to make you feel like you were there to experience the revolution first hand.

It was harder for me to read through the multiple stats and facts spread throughout the book but every piece of content is well thought out and becomes useful later.

Finally, the book gave me hope of a better tomorrow and made me want to focus on how I can personally contribute to get there (I’m buying a model 3 at some point or another so it’s already a good start).

My Rating

I’m giving the book a solid 8/10 for being informative and inspiring at the same time. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more

about Elon Musk, durable energy and the ins and outs of the car industry.






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