Will Smith Dating Sophia The Robot Should Make Us Rethink Life


Will Smith Dating Sophia The Robot Should Make Us Rethink Life

What If Sophia The Robot Was Invented By Tinder Misfits And Seen-Only-DMs-Sliders?

You know you start to get old when you say: ”I Never thought I’ll See The Day”, well I never thought I’ll see the day when somebody would’ve come up with a clear-skined-Freddy-Kruger-robot-sex-companion by the name of Sophia The Robot.

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On top of that, I never thought the man acting in ”I, Robot” would be the first actor to help promote it (genuinely ironic ain’t it?).  The fresh prince of Bel-Air aka Will Smith was indeed featured in a video with the sex robot.

sophia the robot

Cc: via IT Gurus of Atlanta

Whether you admit or not, Will is your childhood hero. We saw him as a kid from Philly with the dance moves, Muhammad Ali and more recently the earth’s savior. I mean some of his movies might make us grab the Man In Black memory eraser and go ham on it but name an actor that doesn’t hit and miss sometimes.

The only thing that triggers my WTF detector is Sophia The Robot itself (or herself actually). A pure bread 90’s baby, I’m pretty old school with it. I like to taste lips when I kiss, I like some ”We Gotta Talk” texts here and there and most of all, I like to make love to a REAL human being.

I don’t judge, everyone is got their own preferences and I respect that. The purpose of this piece is to dissect the 4:32 minutes of nothingness that went down while Will Smith was ”dating” the Robot.

Listen, dear advertisers, If you want to convince the public that Sophia The Robot has to make women step their game up, can you at least put a wig on her head. Also, I’ve been at countless dates and I have never seen a conversation as stoic as what went down between the two.

Third, let’s hope the developers hire a good ass stylist for Sophia. I mean you all had her silicone ass looking crazy in the video.

To be honest, Mr. Smith himself had his own WTF going nuts when he asked Sophia for a kiss (the eyes never lie). The 32nd century is at the door, and the first soon-to-be-pretty sex robot is making its mainstream debut.

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