Sennheiser Is Having Huge Deals For Black Friday/Cyber Monday And our Ears Deserves This

Sennheiser Is Having Huge Deals For Black Friday Cyber Monday And our Ears Deserves This

Sennheiser: Sound Made Luxurious

Black Friday/Cyber Monday  is right across the board and Sennheiser has decided to make this one special! When I just got the memo about this, it was a ”stop what you’re doing and process the greatness” moment because when it comes to

sound, quality and experience, this brand has been one of my favorite since I’ve experiment with their home entertainment system back 2016 in Vegas.

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This time around, you, dear readers, will also get the chance to experiment what I now call ”The Sennheiser Notch”.

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes their products unique. I see it as an ensemble of things but still there are key elements that makes the brand stood out.

Slick designs, the feeling of being in your own bubble when you use their products and the clear and undeniable higher quality of sound.

Today, we’re going to go over some of their special deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday  and we will guide you through the Sennheiser experience.


HD 4.40BT, sennheiser, black friday deals, cyber monday deals

Cc: Sennheiser

#1 The HD 4.40BT

Regular Price: $99.95 USD

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Price: $79.95 USD

In their best sellers, the HD 4.40BT is their most affordable option. The beauty of it all is that affordable in this case doesn’t mean cheaper or less effective.

Indeed, those earphones are wireless. with an audio codec of Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX to make sure it still deliver Hi-Fi sound.

An excellent battery life and ear-cup mounted controls to change tracks and making calls (because why not right?!).

Comfort and performance at the price where you can’t think twice.

sennheiser, MOMENTUM-True-Wireles., wrieless earphones

Cc: Sennheiser

#2 MOMENTUM True Wireless 

Regular price:  $299.95 USD

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Price:  $249.95 USD

Equipped with the 7mm dynamic drivers technology. This heaven sent wireless gadget assures a purer sound and a overall better performance than your usual wireless earphones.

The reviews are unanimous, it’s like having a whole home entertainment system but on the go!


Cc: Sennheiser

RS 175 wireless headphone

Regular price:  $279.95 USD

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Price: $199.95 usd

This particular item is definitely my favorite because it brings back so many memories. I was in Project/Agenda in Vegas to cover the trade show for the first time ever.

Sennheiser had a booth where they would invite medias like us to try their top of the line releases.

I sat on the couch, put on the earphones and then the magic occurred.

For a split second, I felt totally isolated. It was just me and the music.

This is is exactly what this product offers but in a compact format which is great (the product I’ve tried at the time was much bigger).

You can use it for your TV, to enjoy some music and basically for anything sound and entertainment related.

They have Bass Boost & Surround Sound modes.

”the former increases the audio bass response while the two virtual surround modes offer a more spatial and livelier stereo sound”.

With a stronger signal, you can move from room to room without losing any quality or moments of the experience.

All this put together makes it the ultimate go to for me!

If you want to enjoy those products you can find most of them at your favorite retailers such as AMAZON, BEST BUY

and of course

the Sennheiser official website

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