I Use This Website To Check My Credit Score For Free Each Month!

I Use This Website To Check My Credit Score For Free Each Month

A Website To Track Your Credit Score Monthly

This morning, I’ve read the words : ”Check and monitor your credit score for free” on my timeline and I was reminded once again that a Facebook post can save your life. Today we will show you how you too can keep track of your credit score on a monthly basis using Borrowell!

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Indeed,  Borrowell is giving this feature to users for free. Usually getting your score requires for you to get by mail (cause some people still receive letters by post) or some banks can provide it to you but once again; the delays are crazy.

How It Works?

It’s quite a simple process. You log in to their website and then you enter your name,address and phone number (so far nothing too scary). 1 and half second later, the website/app will ask you 2 to 3 questions about your personal credit portfolio.

At first, I was a little bit afraid of what type of questions they would be asking. I wasn’t going to give my NAS number nor to what off shore account I’m hiding my fraudulent millions.

Surprisingly, the questions were not too personal or touchy to type on a keyboard. Which company you have a credit car with? You have a loan with which institution? Nothing too inclusive or personal.

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After you figure it out, here comes the magical moment where a message goes to screen saying ”Checking Your Credit Score”. You blink an eye and there it is, the mythical number you were looking for!

They also give you a sort of rating to qualify your score. Bad, Good, Excellent so you know exactly where you at on the 900 scale.

What’s The Catch?

You’ve probably asked yourself the question right!? Well Borrowell offers loans and financial services and in order to get the free credit score you have to enter your email so if you make 2 + 2 (yeah you guessed it!).

Based on my own experience, I haven’t receive any spammy newsletter nor special offers and I’ve tried the website/app a couple times already.

As for your credit score, I you might be afraid that the analysis done by the platform may affect the score but it doesn’t at all and Borrowell guarantees that.

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