Welcome To DMS Battle Ring Where You Get A Tyson Fight With Lyrical Jabs Instead |EVENT RECAP|

Welcome To DMS Battle Ring Where You Get A Tyson Fight With Lyrical Jabs Instead  EVENT RECAP

DMS Battle Ring : The Hearbeat Of Montreal’s Rap Scene

The DMS Battle Ring is your one stop shop for both entertainment and to appreciate the underground hip hop scene at a deeper level. Battle rap is probably the most competitive art form you could think of. What you could perceive as just two individuals disrespecting each other but it’s deeper than that : it involves skills and showmanship. Often ignored by mainstream media in my opinion but yet DMS provides a platform where battle rap is now alive more than ever in Montreal.

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2 weeks ago we were invited in what will turn out as a new page in Montreal’s hip hop and thanks to the good people at DMS we were on stage to witness this moment. For the second time around, Da Main Source gave a chance to a Montreal’s emcee to go against a big act from the battle rap major leagues. The 21st edition of their well known battle rap event was taking place at Le Belmont and they brought the one and only Big T directly from Chi-Raq for the occasion.

Dms Battle Ring 21 Recap

You Had To Be There!

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I must admit, I was already a fan from the start and yes, I was watching the battles religiously while wondering when I’ll have the chance to see it for my own eyes (the law of attraction is real believe me). I didn’t really know what to expect at first, I knew a couple of the guests such as Izzy-S, Imad, Mi Tha Don who was the main act against Big T but nothing really prepared me for what this rap arena is all about.

I mean, the energy, everybody went bars for bars, the crowd’s reaction when that slick rhyme kicks in was priceless and the level of talent coming from the emcees is something that leaves a question mark on my face whenever I think about the lack of support that some artists get in Montreal. I think the two main acts definitely delivered a good show check it out here :

                                         #Mi Tha Don Vs Big T


They also brought the «crème de la crème» to judge the battles. It was 3 generations of rap aligned in the same row; they had Imposs, Kasper & Lost on stage. Live performances from Izzy-S & Bilo Da Kid |previous interview with him here | and for the first time ever in Montreal a female battle too!

DMS Battle Ring Put On For The Culture

As a fan and hip hop enthusiast I would like show respect and my personnal appreciation for what Da Main Source stands for. Da Main Source to me is more than just a movement, they’re the CNN for what’s going in the city urban & hip hop wise. They work hand in hand with artists to promote them and they offer them a real chance to let the world know their talent!

Question Of The Day : Who should’ve won that battle according to you?

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