5 Lowkey Brands You Need To Get Your Hands On This Month

Lowkey Like We Like It…

5 Lowkey Brands You Need To Get Your Hands On This Month

Lowkey Brands For An Effective Fit!

As much as we like name brands and popping tags sometimes, a real testament of good taste is how you carry yourself while rocking lowkey brands. To be honest, some of those clothing lines are better anyway 60% of the time!.

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Just because your favorite celebrity doesn’t rock it yet, doesn’t mean those brands don’t have much more to offer. I often feel like designers on the come up take much more time and creativity into putting together their collections.

Today we will make you discover 5 lowkey brands you NEED to get your hands on this month (and make your friends jealous at the same occasion)

#1 Enspire

Price Range: 32.99-91.99$

Website: Enspire.com

Enspire is one of those brands that gets to the point from the get-go. A high-end streetwear brand that aspires to inspire and create a bond with their customers who they identify as dreamers and go-getters.

The appeal of this clothing line is mostly around their graphics, colorful palettes and the message behind the label. Lowkey but definitely on its way up, Kevin Durant recently rocked their ”Enspire” hat.


#2 StripClub New York

Price Range: 30-300$

Website: Stripclubnewyorkcity.com

I know, the name caught you off guard right? As provocative as naming your brand ”StripClub” may sound, it also tells a lot about the brand from the jump (yes it does!).

Audacity, bold designs and a good dose of skate-punk-rock culture and here you go with outfits that only a skilled fashion enthusiast would dare to rock. Can’t wait to see what they got in store for their next collection, so far we’re impressed.


Online release date announcing soon.. ⚠️⚡️ Hold tight.

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#3 Unknown London

Price Range:  £30-130.00

Website: Unknownlondon.com

Ironically enough, ”Unknown London” is now a household name in the UK and it’s clear that the designers behind the brand are up to something. As a designer, you have to capture the essence of your era and translate it into clothes.

Here we go with a clothing line that emphasizes on comfort, standing out and making a statement. Their tracksuits and tech clothes are a MUST!

catalogue for Blu

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#4 Kira

Price Range: 33-1495$

Website: CutbyKira.com

Kira is the closest thing Montreal has to a high-end streetwear line. A deep attention to details, fabrics, and textures.  The team behind this clothing line takes their time with it and we can see it.

What’s really distinctive in this brand, is the fact that the pieces actually have a story beyond being a good addition to your outfit. Crafted for rebels, revolutionaries but still with a touch of high fashion. Kira is our ”coup de Coeur” by far!

@tali_taliwah in @blckmssn

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#5 Maison Blck Mssn

Website: Blckmssn.com

***Only available in Montreal’s store Boutique Lost & Found, 5319 Av du Parc***

Another hidden gem from Montreal,  we’ve discovered Maison Blck Mssn in a fashion show last summer and we were impressed their work since then. It’s not an easy task but they manage to turn their jackets and t-shirts into walking paintings.

Looking at their designs for me is like overseeing what it would look like if Basquiat ever made streetwear (I’m a huge fan of his work by the way).

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