There’s A Disco Festival Happening In Montreal And You Know You Want To Feel That Funk

There  8217 s A Disco Festival Happening In Montreal And You Know You Want To Feel That Funk

A Disco Festival In Montreal? You Never Knew But You Actually Needed It

I don’t know if I have too much ”That’s 70’s Show” or maybe it’s because o all the praise I’ve heard for my entire life about the Woodstock but as I was scrolling on my timeline the terms ”Disco Festival In Montreal” reached my soul on a deeper level (I mean seriously)

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XP_MTL has specialized in creating experiences around the city and now disco lovers will get their fair share of the fun!

Indeed, Disco Capital, a Disco Festival in Montreal is ”taking place September 13 and 14, in partnership with the Association
des Marchands de la rue Crescent!

Highlights will include waacking and voguing performances by Waackeisha, a
Vancouver street dancer who has performed during Paris Fashion Week, the La Roux show launch and for the late
Karl Lagerfeld. A live art performance will also be presented by the artist Gene Pendon, known for his incredible
fresco of Leonard Cohen downtown.”

They’re doing it ”Block Party” turning crescent street into a giant dance floor.

With a plethora of international and local Djs, here’s a list of some of your favorite vibe curators attending the event.

disco festival in montreal, xp mtl



Friday  13th to Saturday 14th



Crescent street

Are attending this disco

festival in


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