The Founder Of Mtl Blog Reveals His Secrets In This Tells It All Interview

This Is How He Did It!?

The Founder Of Mtl Blog Reveals His Secrets In This Tells It All Interview

Charles ”Chuck” Lapointe Reveals How Mtl Blog Became The Biggest Blog/Media Platform In Canada!

We can debate about the love and hate relationship that Montrealers have for Mtl Blog but as the old saying goes: ”Women lie, men lie but numbers don’t!

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Chris Kabeya, which is low-key one of my favourite Youtuber, has a channel called Gentlemen 1st. In his interviews with businessmen, he pinpoints the good or bad aspects of entrepreneurship and how his guests made it.

When you receive a notification saying: ”How to Build a Media Empire with Charles Chuck Lapointe” out of the blue, pressing play is not an option.

For those who don’t know, Charles ”Chuck” Lapointe is one of the founders of Mtl Blog.

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In 5 years, their blog generated millions of unique visitors whether from Montreal or the rest of the world. Most recently, they’ve launched Narcity Media which operates in different cities across Canada.

In the digital world, their brand is omnipresent. Social media has no secrets for this media company and when you get to this level, you can’t please everyone.

Whether you hate their content or not, on a business standpoint, their accomplishments speak for themselves.

We always point our fingers at them for the way they introduce their content. Unfortunately, we never salute the groundwork and vision that made it possible for us to have a good or a bad opinion about their brand.

Kabeya has this particular way to get the right answers from the right people. Charles Lapointe is not known for giving too many interviews. They usually circle around the use of click baits or any other accusation against Mtl Blog.

In this interview, Mr. Lapointe opens up about the hardest challenges him and his partner had to face. He also explains that he sees Narcity Media as a potential platform for increasing tourism across the globe. Basically, you get the real deal with the founder and a lot of precious insights.


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5 Highlights From Charles Lapointe’s Interview

1- Mtl Blog Was His First Business

It was far from an overnight success but it’s amazing to see your first business venture become so big so quick right!

2-Narcity Media Operates In 12 Cities

As much as people argue about the format of their platform, there are 12 cities across Canada enjoying it right now.

3-Charles Lapointe Explains The Overall Format Of A Narcity/Mtl Blog article

What you use as click bait or spammy is in fact based on a performance perspective from the authors & publishers at Narcity Media. Their goal is to create content to make people click and share. He wants his readers to be excited about the content and engage them in the process.

4-Narcity’s Meaning Is Revealed

It actually stands for: being narcissistic about your city

5-Narcity’s Goal Is To Be A Leading Brand For Travellers & Tourists Around The World

They definitely have a chance to make it happen!

What Do You Think?

What do you think about Narcity Media has a potential international platform? Do you think it’s doable? If so, could you tell us why?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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