The First Reality Show About Montreal Is Here And We’re All For It

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The First Reality Show About Montreal Is Here And We  8217 re All For It

A Reality Show About Montreal With A Twist

Montreal is a multilayered city, the melting pot of cultures, the french/english dynamic and all that goes with it; it always donged on me that a reality show about Montreal would be H-U-G-E.

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It seems like I wasn’t the only one to see the potential of it. Ya Media TV is leading the charge in that space with a new kind of concept.

They’re creating content and reality shows based around some of the major elements that makes the city what it is. Not only you get a reality show about Montreal but they made sure to cater to every kind of viewer.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, their user experience is very similar to Netflix and I never thought I would say this but this HAS to be the new norm. Easy to navigate and since most of us are already use to a similar platform there’s a sense of familiarity that hooked me in right away.

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Cc: Ya Media TV

For example they have ”The Beauty Shop” that follows the adventures of a local entrepreneur in the beauty industry. You get a full view of what people in this business go through and how successful you can be in that field.

reality show about montreal, yamedia tv, netflix montreal

Cc: Ya Media Tv


In ”Medium 360” they talk about spirituality. They cover sports with ”Round Table Talk”. In my opinion, every foodie will get their money’s worth with ”RSVP”.

Additionally, Their show ”In The Streets” is taking us across the city to discover the things to do and where to go.

One of my favorite show on their platform is ”The Realtor”. In the show they deep dive in the day to the day of a real estate agent. Like most of their shows, what I like about it is the behind the curtain look from different perspectives, industries and people.

Ya Media TV is definitely leaning more towards business oriented content. It’s not the drama fueled series you might kill your brain cells to but to me it’s refreshing, entertaining and you’ll definitely end up learning something new in the process.

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