What A Man Or A Woman Should Or Should Not Wear In The Club?

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What A Man Or A Woman Should Or Should Not Wear In The Club

What A Man Or A Woman Should Or Should Not Wear….

2 weeks ago we took over St-Laurent Boulevard to ask Montrealers an essential question: what a man or a woman should or should not wear in the club? With the help of an incredible host, the one and only Nick Ricardi ,we went to different clubs to ask the party animals for their opinions.

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Needless to say that at 1 AM on St-Laurent Boulevard you can get all kinds of answers and funny moments. Regardless if some answers were made because a respondent was under the influence or not, many answers came back over and over gain.

Today we will overview some of the most frequent and funny answers we got from people we interviewed about what a man or a woman should or should not wear in the club

What A Man Or A Woman Should Or Not Wear According To Montrealers

1 Calvin Klein Crop Tops

Calvin klein

Cc: Calvin Klein

The funny thing is that people were really specific about this one. They mentionned that crop tops shouldn’t make it to the club but more specifically the Calvin Klein ones.

Some respondents pushed it to the extreme by saying that Calvin Klein crop tops clearly identifies a “salope”. I’ve never heard the term being repeated so many times in the same minute (believe me).

We’ve seen trends come and go and according to general opinion, this is a ”no-no” in the club.

2 A Pair Of Classic Shoes & Everything You Want But Make Sure It’s “Brun”

what a man or a woman should or should not wear

Cc: topman

Even Nick Ricardi had to ask : “Why specifically “brun”?” and the lady said that for some reason she found that men wearing brown are more attractive, she even said “c’est chaud”.

Alcohol or not, I think it reveals that women at large expect a man to come out of the norm. Because let’s be honest, brown might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it’s time to go out.

3 Let People Decide For Themselves

This was actually the best answer of them all! Our respondent was saying that people choices about how they dress shouldn’t be an issue as long as they look good in what they wear.

This is a sober trancript of a drunk statement but if you read between the lines (and the hiccups too) this was pure and true!

As long as you like how you look in what you wear, that’s what really matters.

4 White Jeans

White jeans

Cc: giphy.com

I know you’re probably like : “Huh!? White Jeans?!”. At first it was quite disturbing for me too. Some women said that it wasn’t a clean look for a man because at the end of the night the jeans end up being every colour in the world but not white.

As you know ladies have it thougher when it comes to clothing. Surprisingly, some respondents suggested that this particular colour of jeans already tells the world what she “wants”.

Some would like to take this out of context and say that is the product of “rape culture” but we will not go there today ladies and gents. Matter fact, some men associate this colour with a woman’s class more than anything else.

5 Showing Too Much Skin Or Being Naked (They Really Said That)

As a crazy as it sounds people were dead serious about this one! Of course we get the idea that a majority of them still mean’t that you shouldn’t show too much skin (you perverts!). You would be surprised how many people associate nudity with being slutty which doesn’t make sense at all.

This is the double standard we face everyday whether at the mall or in the club. Celebrities are referred to as bold and fashionistas whenever they try something and a regular woman is slut-shammed to death.

It seems like women are not allowed to show too much skin if they wish to be perceived as quote on quote “good girls”.

At this point your question might be: why you guys added it to the video then? Well, the answer is quite simple : we want to showcase the truth about misconceptions and false ideas about fashion (you didn’t see it coming don’t you?)

What about you dear reader? What a man or a woman should or should not wear in the club?

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