Nora Watch Is The New Affordable Smart Watch Your Wrist Been Waiting For

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Nora Watch Is The New Affordable Smart Watch Your Wrist Been Waiting For

The Smart Watch You Need For The Perfect Christmas Gift

This is the story of two twins from Mauricie who decided to do the impossible : create an affordable smart watch that you would be proud to walk around with! The thing about gigantic brands like Apple and Samsung is that yes they can spend millions and millions on research, development and design.

Perhaps one thing I know for sure, nothing beats the ingenuity of a creator who wants to change the world; one affordable watch at a time.

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The Nora Watch is what this quest turned out to be.

If you’re into supporting the local economy this is the first ”Produits De Chez Nous” of its kind.

A watch that combines fitness and life must haves. Options like counting your number of steps, monitoring your sleeping patterns, getting your phone notifications, an internal chronometer and  additionally it comes with 250 different watch faces because why not.

A fair question would be: how much does it retail for?

Believe it or not but you can get all of this (and more) for 230+tx.

Coming either with a pink or black bracelet, the device connects to your phone via an app and you’re ready to go.

A design made to rival popular brands and a real intention to be your day to day go to.

This smart watch even comes with an alarm system so you never really have to take it off.

There are a couple standouts for me. First, their smart watch has a flashlight and trust me you never know when it might be handy.

Second, the Nora Watch can control your phone to take pictures and also your Spotify playlist. As a guy who often loses his phone in some of the most random places, this couldn’t come at a better time.

Overall, this smart watch is a great gift for the holiday season. You can either keep track of your fitness progress, set reminders throughout the day on your water drinking habits/sleeping patterns and most of all, it’s a great way to multitask everything around your life.

Fore more information about the Nora Watch visit their website at 






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