A Part Of You Died With Chester Bennington And Here’s Why

“In The End” It Does Matter!

A Part Of You Died With Chester Bennington And Here  8217 s Why

The Passing Of Chester Bennington, The Lead Singer Of Linkin Park, Is Much More Than A Trending Topic For A Millennial!

If you’re reading this, your probably around 24 to 35 years old and just like me you had the terrible experience of reading a headline that sabotaged our week: “Chester Bennington dead at 41

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According to news report, the lead singer of Linkin Park, committed suicide yesterday leaving his wife, kids, & band mates behind.

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We’ve lost many legends and rising stars over the years but this particular loss means so much on so many levels.

My dear 90’s babies, in case ya’ll didn’t figure out yet, were not getting any younger. This is a reminder that everything that represented us, from our teenage years to our icons, is slowly fading away.

Whether you were a die hard fan of Chester Bennington & Linkin Park or not, a part of you died with him and here’s why!


1. He Made “Rap Rock” A Real Thing

Before your favorite rappers started to call themselves Rockstars back in 2007 . Chester Bennington & the God Mc, Jay-Z,  gave us “Numb/Encore“!

Today it seems like just a regular thing to do since all the music genres have crossed (they got Ed Sheeran’s doing dancehall these days)  but at the time it was a statement.

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Hip Hop and Rock didn’t get along even among fans. It was either you were a Rap fan or a Rock fan; if you we’re into both you were the ultimate outsider (I was one of them).

What Chester Bennington and Jay Z done for the culture at large Is to merge two genres and still keep the sound authentic. Indeed, “Numb/Encore” had enough melody and rhythm to let a Hova’s verse connect while the melancholic vocals of Chester could make it a legendary song!

2. “In The End” Was Your Remedy For Everything

Regardless of what side you’ve picked in the Hip Hop vs Rock war at the time, great music is great music. Between me and you, I can proudly say that “In The End” is even ranked beyond great music to me.

We all need a “Go To Guy” but sometimes it’s more about a “Go To Song” and this song was definitely your remedy for everything.

If you were angry and needed a crash course on anger management, “In The End” had the power to get the anger out. If you felt depressed or sad all you had to do is to go back to those lyrics :

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

-Linkin Park “In The End”

3. He Delivered Some Of The Best Live Performances Ever!

There was a time where artists used to be very passionate about their craft and Chester Bennington is not an exception to the rule, he probably made it!

Chester was one of those artists who could connect with fans on a deeper level while performing on stage.  His voice and stage presence travelled to the point where I can say that without a doubt :  a lot of people probably didn’t know him by name but A-L-L of them knew the voice and how powerful it was!


What Do You Think?

2 weeks ago we wrote about Prodigy’s death and now this! Once again I think it’s another huge loss music wise. What’s your favorite souvenir of Chester Bennington & Linkin Park?

Let us know in the comment section now!


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