Brent Faiyaz Is Way More Than ”The Guy On Goldlink Crew’s Hook”

A New King Is Here!

Brent Faiyaz Is Way More Than   8221 The Guy On Goldlink Crew  8217 s Hook  8221

Brent Faiyaz Is Criminally Underrated

I hate to say: ”I Told You” but Brent Faiyaz low key might be the next RnB king (I will still drop my infamous ”I Told You” regardless). Just to help you put a face on the man, let’s refer to himas”The Guy on Goldlink Crew’s Hook”.

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Actually More Than A Hook

When ”Crew” dropped last year, it was a real tsunami in the streets (at least in my whip). For those who lived under a rock in 2017, I’m talking about the song named ”Crew” by Goldlink, Shy Glizzy & Brent Faiyaz laying a surgeon-like operation on the hook.

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You know those type of songs you know are hits just from the first 20 seconds. It was like watching a Michael Jordan game 6 but on a song.

Faiyaz was the ”Assist God” by killing the high notes and while Goldlink and Shy Glizzy were supposed to be the Jordan & Pippen of the situation; we know damn well it didn’t go that way.

I mean, you know it’s real when you there’s a ”GoldLink-Crew (Extended Hook)” version on Youtube. Indeed, Brent Faiyaz made the song what it was but for some obscure reason, he went totally under the radar.

Blame it on my third-eye, the Illuminati or the fact that the song played about 400 times on my cell phone but something told me to check out Faiyaz’s music.

After hours and days jamming to this new hidden treasure, my subconscious was able to digest it and I can honestly say: God Bless Spotify!

Today, we will put you on to something you probably never heard before, a back to the basics but still current vibe and a hashtag mood type of artist you need to discover.

About The Artist

Brent is originally from Maryland but is now located in L.A. Moving to the city of angels was the beginning of his rags to riches story and he’s slowly but surely building traction around his music.

We know the term ”Soundcloud Rappers” but he’s definitely one of those rare gems you can find on this platform. With his first EP called A.M. Paradox, young Faiyaz was already making a name for himself.

Fast forward to 2017, he was featured in you know what song and it became the rap/rnb song of the year (at least in my opinion).

A Vintage Format In A New Wave

You know when we say: ”You Want That Old Thing Back”? In fact, you actually want a new and improved version of it (especially if it’s your ex-girlfriend).  Brent Faiyaz takes you back in time with his vocals. A mix of melancholy and the instrumentals to make you reconsider your life at times.

I’m Talking About Songs Like This…

Or More Like This…

Well, Definitely This!

Do you know why I love to discover artists on their come up? Because they’re more relatable.  Most of his body of work gravitates around him trying to make it in the industry, difficult relationships and even hiding report cards from his mom as a younging (I mean we can all relate right).

Smooth vocals, instrumentals to give you the chill in a positive way and an artist that carefully takes his time with his process. Brent Faiyaz is also a part of a collective called Sonder; a movement bring something new and powerful sonically.

Definitely an artist to look out for in the following months.

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