Is John Q The Last Real Father Alive?

15 Years Later We can Still Take Notes!

 John Q Made Us Discover A Different Side Of Fatherhood!

Recently I was looking at this masterpiece called “John Q” and I’ve realized that my twelve years old mind couldn’t grasp what it was all about back in 2002.

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I grew up without a father, so I guess I was a somehow bitter when I saw how far John Q was willing to go to save his son’s life.

In my young mind, I thought this whole thing was exaggerated. I firmly believed that fathers were not involved that much in their children’ life to do such things.

At the time, the plot didn’t resonate with me. I always thought that it would’ve make more sense if the mother played Denzel Washington’s role because that’s what mothers do (at least I thought so..).

15 Years later…

john q denzel movie father

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15 years later, I’m not a father yet but I’m now mature enough to understand what fatherhood is about. The fact that I thought that a father wouldn’t give his life for his son tells me a lot about how me and a lot of people from my generation perceives fatherhood.

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with horrible stories of fathers leaving their kids or fathers that are not involved in their kids’ life at all. Surprisingly, it’s very common that men who grew up without a father become deadbeats themselves ( how ironic right?).

There is still a long way to go but we are slowly but surely breaking the cycle. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the rise of a new kind of dads which I’ll explain now.

The Rise Of Social Media Fathers

Back then, we expected fathers to be providers and we couldn’t care less about the emotional responsibilities they had. Nowadays, we have what I personally call “Social Media Dads” that are parenting for the Gram.

You see them push a stroller on a picture, serving a baby bottle on a video or posting adorable pictures of their children with cute captions. Does it make you a good father or just a deadbeat that knows how to hide it? Each case is different.

I sincerely feel like a lot of fathers these days are fronting because they can’t escape their responsibilities like in the good old days without having a bad reputation. It’s definitely one of the side effects of being connected to the world on a 24 hours basis.

The relationships between baby mothers and baby fathers have changed as well. Women are not afraid to call out a guy who doesn’t stand up for his kids. Men are starting “baby mama” wars over a Facebook post and so on.

Be A John Q


Cc: John Q

Where is the real commitment? Where is the real father/son or father/daughter bond? I don’t care about seeing you changing a diaper on twitter. Perhaps, I would like to know how much time you’ve invested in making sure your kid knows how to stay clean.

I would like to know how will you sacrifice yourself to make sure this kid grows to be the person you expect him or her to be. Now If you read between the lines, “John Q” was all about one thing: sacrifice.

You don’t have to potentially shoot yourself and give your heart to your kid to be a good father but you will definitely have to sacrifice something you love. Sacrifice a party, sacrifice a pair of sneakers and sometimes work things out with your baby mother for the kids’ sake.


Is John Q is the last real father alive? How could he be if he’s not a real person? Perhaps, he did made me realize that you’re not a real father unless you’re willing to give up everything for your child; even your life!

Let’s Debate

What do you think about the movie? Do you feel like we need more fathers like John Q in this world? What makes a great father according to you?

Let us know your opinion in the comment section now!


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