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@DJKD514 : When Music & Fashion Collide!

When it comes to our monthly project called “The Lookbook”, we love to bring fashion enthusiasts from all walks in life and this time around we had the one and only @Djkd514.

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Dj KD told us that his career as a DJ allows him to share his passion for music with the world. Based on that heavy bag of shoes he brought to the studio, needless to say that Dj Kd also has a thing for sneakers!

@DJKD514’s Style

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Cc: Philippe Gassant for Montrealgotstyle

KD has found the perfect balance between streetwear and sportswear. The same way he mixes sounds and music genres in his powerful mixtapes, this Dj/Sneakerhead uses colours and patterns to express and blends them to make it his own and unique style.


For him it’s all about being comfortable, buying and supporting local brands and making sure that his sneaker game stays on point. We love the fact that even as a sneakerhead, Dj KD doesn’t fall for the hype and carefully pick his shoes based on the colours and textures he’s looking for.

KD is also not afraid to show his confidence, his passions and his knowledge about the sneaker culture. We debated about which sneakers were THE best sneaker ever made and he provided so many insights and valid points to the debate that we had to tip our hat at one point.

Make sure you stay tune for his next dj appearance, based on his soundcloud, he’s definitely on our “to watch” list.

Dj Kd In His Own Words

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