Life After Money And Violence: Ray Guercy Launches A New Clothing Line

It’s Ray’s Day For Real!

Life After Money And Violence  Ray Guercy Launches A New Clothing Line

Ray Guercy : From Money And Violence To Building His Own Empire.

Ray Guercy, or Miz for fans of Money And Violence, has definitely proved that he was a talented actor on the big screen but will acting be the end game for the Brooklyn icon?

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While some fans are still wondering how Money And Violence will turn out since Guercy left, Ray is showing the world that this is only the beginning for him.

Indeed, Ray Guercy has recently opened a lot of doors for himself in the acting world with roles in the Tupac’s “All Eyes On Me” biopic & “Monster” in collaboration with the one and only Nas.

Just when we thought that these good news were the tip of the iceberg, Mr. Guercy decided to surprise the world with a new clothing line called “Protected By Angels“.

We were invited to his pop-up shop in one of Bronx‘s favourite lifestyle shop called “Famous Nobodys”. The collection included pieces such as crewnecks & dad hats.

rene guercy actor new york web series

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

Ray guercy miz

Cc: Montrealgotstyle

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Cc: Montrealgotstyle

At first, the slogan : “Live by the gun, protected by angels” will catch you off guard. You will think that maybe Ray is trying to take you back to his “Money and Violence” days but far from that actually.

We wanted to really figure out what made him go into fashion and what was his message.

ray guercy protected by angels money and violence

Cc: via Think Ray Day 9

Perhaps, the actor turned designer explained to us the meaning behind his new clothing line. It’s mostly a message for the grinders, to keep doing what they have to do while keeping in mind that they have angels protecting them along the journey.

We were honoured to capture this moment in his new journey. Matter of fact, we will let Mr. Guercy explain to you what “Protected By Angels” is all about!

Watch Now: Ray Guercy About His New Clothing Line

Question Of The Day

What do you think about his new collection? What pieces really caught your eye and why?

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