Everything You Need To Know About Mr Throwback, The Vintage Culture Guru!

Vintage Is The New Age!

Discover The Vintage Culture Through The Eyes Of Mr Throwback!

A couple months ago we sat down with Mr Throwback for an exclusive interview with the vintage culture guru of East Village!

Mr Throwback is well known in the vintage clothing world for his incredible eye when it comes to picking the right vintage clothes for his clients. His store in the East Village has gained massive coverage from different medias in the United States and we proud ourselves for being the first Canadian platform to interview him.

What Does Mr Throwback Brings To The Vintage Culture

As collector and reseller of vintage clothing, Mr Throwback’s collection goes from jerseys, hats, coats and anything related to the sports world in the 90’s and 80’s.

The amazing thing about his store and overall impact is the fact that Michael Spitz, the founder of Mr Throwback, also creates capsules clothing lines in collaboration with brands from 90’s. He said it himself, his goal was to bring back his childhood bedroom in a store and best believe that he did!


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