Confessions Of A PR Agent: Felipe Del Pozo Tells It All

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Confessions Of A PR Agent  Felipe Del Pozo Tells It All

For 30 Years Felipe Del Pozo Did It For The Culture 

When I’ve first met Felipe Del Pozo a year ago, something told me he wasn’t your regular PR agent per say. I couldn’t help but notice his rockstar demeanor suggesting a sense of wildness and adventure. What really stood out too was his signature I’m-almost-50-but-I-look-like-30 aura that made us want to work with him from the jump.

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I’m not even 30 yet and even though life seems ahead of me, my worst fear is to wake up at 50 years old and say: ”What If?”. Felipe Del Pozo perhaps embodies what a successful life/career should look like.

Succesful not in terms of status, material or anything like that. Something deeper, more real and impossible to buy: fulfillment. At 50 years old, Felipe is not saying ”What If?”, he’s saying ”What’s Next?”. Same guy, new challenges and I can’t help but admire that.

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Being a PR agent didn’t make him rich but he was able to get paid off his passion for 30 years now. He was just a 19 year old kid, driven, passionate and eager to learn and experiment (strangely enough, this kid seems alive to this day!).

From working with Quebec’s most sought-after showbusiness personalities such as Eric Lapointe, Anne-Marie Losique and many more, Felipe lived the rockstar way for the past 3 decades.

Genuine, energic, professional, flamboyant and totally outside the box; Felipe to me is the No-Flash-No-BS version of what a PR agent SHOULD be.  I guess great rebels are misunderstood but regardless, Felipe gets the work done (the real question is when does he sleeps actually?).

Today, we’ve asked the man himself to reflect on his 30 years in the business and give us some insights about how to stay young forever (the guy makes 50 look like 30 we have to know man!)

How Did You Get Your First Start In The PR Industry?

By pure luck. I wanted to be a rock journalist. When I was 19, I met a press agent from a record company and she offered me to be her assistant. I seized this opportunity and I took the risk!

Now In retrospect, I feel like the movie Almost Famous was a little bit about me! Since then, I’ve been through a lot of scenes of Californication and Get Him to the Greek!

What Person Or Group You Never Thought You Would’ve Work With?

This question brings me back to basics: never lose the fire in you, stay passionate and keep that spark that keeps you young.

To have worked with INXS was to meet my idols and they did not disappoint me. Having also connected through Facebook with my favorite photographer, Richard Aujard, and his lover, Lza Steyaert, is a huge honor. They offered me the most unimaginable gifts: the autograph signed in my name by Mickey Rourke.

What Was Your Most Epic Moment Throughout Your Career So Far?

Arranging the booking of more than 40 personalities and press relations for the 45th anniversary of Give Peace a Chance for Amnesty International at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. 

Also to record this song again in the same hotel room as John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed at when they’ve visited Montreal. UNFORGETTABLE!

If You Could Talk To Your 19 Year Old Self, What Would You Say?

To have a career plan! To realize that the years pass quickly. I never thought in terms of making money. I was candid and naive. But I think it’s what allowed me to go against all odds.

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What’s Your Secret For Staying Young At Heart And Being In The Now?

Meeting people like you at Montrealgostyle! I like to share, collaborate and discover new people. I have never been afraid to take on new challenges and launch new projects.

Any Future Projects In Mind?

Of course! With daring personalities and big events like a huge party for the Formula 1 Grand Prix!

What Would Be Your 3 Keys To Success?

Always be authentic! Listen to your instinct. Enjoy every moment of the ride of this crazy roller coaster!

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”Suit And Tie” Or ”T-shirts, Tattoos And Wallet Chains”?

T-shirt, tattoos and wallet chains forever! They are part of my DNA. I’ve always dressed in black, wore leather, it’s not a disguise for me. I am who I am, for better or worse. I’ve even lost a job because of my look: too bad for them!

What’s the future of The PR industry?

Even though we are in the era of social media and new technologies, we must never lose the foundation, the essential of communications. We must never forget human contact. Give a handshake, look straight in the eyes, return calls. Me, I’m old-fashioned and I believe it. The content and the message are more important than the “likes”.

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