Restaurants, album releases, events and everything that you want to discover about Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture will be discussed in our “reviews” section.

Indeed, we want our readers to informed as much as possible about the hot places to go, the new clothing lines to buy from, the spots to visit and the nightlight events that they can’t miss.

We want our “reviews” section to be your #1 reference and in order to make this a reality we will sometimes offer you to visit those places and contribute to our content.

Imagine what it would be like to attend restaurants, launches and events and see your honest opinion published on a media platform?

This section will be your favourite place to go whenever you need useful information and we guarantee a total transparency whenever you’ll see our reviews.

If you have any place, services, restaurants, albums or events you want us to review, feel free to bring it us! We will also provide footage, pictures and visual content of the things we will review so be prepared for the ride!


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